Established since 2002 Attractions Copyright © 2013   Kudat Golf & Marina Resort.  All Rights Reserved The beautiful town of Kudat lies on the northern tip of Borneo Island. It serves as the administrative center for the Kudat division which includes the towns in Kudat—Pitas, Kota Marudu, as well as some offshore islands. Kudat is inhabited mainly by the Rungus ethnic people—a sub-group of the indigenous Kadazan native. Kudat is famous for its Rungus longhouses, traditional gong-making villages, and the Tanjung Simpang Mengayau — the northernmost point on the island of Borneo, better known as the Tip of Borneo. LIST OF ATTRACTIONS 1. The Tip of Borneo 2. Gombizau Honey Bee Farm 3. Kampung Bavanggazo (Rungus Longhouse) 4. Kelambu Beach 5. Tamu Kudat